Žagarė Scarecrow Factory


Žagarė Scarecrow Factory

Scarecrows are an essential part of Cherry Festival in Žagarė. Where there are cherry orchards, scarecrows are also needed. Today, the scarecrows of Žagarė, decorating almost every yard during the Cherry Festival, have become an integral part of Žagarė’s cultural identity. The creator of this tradition is the folk artist Aušra Petrauskienė, who 12 years ago founded the scarecrow workshop Kaliausių fabrikėlis (Eng. Scarecrow Factory) on the bank of the River Švėtė in Žagarė, where she has been conducting scarecrow-making workshops for children and adults ever since. It is a true scarecrow kingdom, where many characters are born. The activity here intensifies at the beginning of July, when everyone is invited to the Kaliausių stovykla (Eng. Scarecrow Camp) to take part in mass scarecrow workshops, and the cherry jam Zaptės restoranas (Eng. Zaptė restaurant) opens its doors. During the Cherry Festival, Kaliausių fabrikėlis is transformed into a centre of fun – not only are scarecrows created, but the most beautiful scarecrows are also chosen, and scarecrow races, rallies, and swimming competitions are organised.

GPS:56.36437, 23.259909

20 Švėtės St, Žagarė, Joniškis district

+370 612 85 668