Joniškis Table Tennis Museum


Joniškis Table Tennis Museum

The private Table Tennis Museum is inside the hotel Šiaurės vartai in the centre of Joniškis. It was founded by a table tennis enthusiast from Joniškis, the Lithuanian Table Tennis Association executive committee member, and international table tennis referee Romualdas Franckaitis.
In 1965 R. Franckaitis first saw the collection of tennis balls belonging to Latvia's national tennis team player, A. Kube, and became passionate about collecting balls himself. Progressively his passion became an exposition telling the history of tennis in Joniškis, Lithuania and the world.
When visiting the Museum, people can look over the material collected by R. Franckaitis over several decades, which in one way or another relates to table tennis in Lithuania and worldwide. The exposition displays the collector’s pride and joy – an impressive collection of table tennis balls, of which there are nearly 5,000. There are also over 10,000 exhibits on table tennis: trophies, rackets, pendants, souvenirs, competition posters, brochures, photographs, refereeing equipment, players' and referees' paraphernalia, stamps of table tennis equipment companies and more. It is also home to the meticulously collected rich history of table tennis in the Joniškis region.

GPS:56.240949, 23.616898

5A Upytės St, Joniškis

+370 682 59 549