Swamp Fae of Swamp Mūšos tyrelis


Swamp Fae of Swamp Mūšos tyrelis

To make the journey along the Swamp  even more enriching and colourful, invite the Swamp Mūša Tyrelis Swamp Fae to join you – she will not only help you navigate the confusing Swamp, but she will also tell you about how it formed, introduce you to its flora and fauna, and maybe even reveal a few secrets of the Swamp that is steeped in myths and legends.
For those who want to not only hike, but also rack your brains and compete with each other, the Swamp Fae organises an orienteering competition Explore the Swamp Mūšos Tyrelis Nature Trail in a New Light, and for the more adventurous ones, the trail invites you to a nighttime hike into the swamp.
After being tested, the Swamp Fae will willingly allow you to enter her oasis of peace – the Swamp Fae’s home near the Swamp Mūšos tyrelis. Here you can take a look at the Swamp Fae Museum, the outdoor educational spaces that mimic the natural world, test yourself in entertaining games, and take part in outdoor Swamp Fairy drum activities or dot therapy classes.
And that is not all! According to its oldest tradition, the Swamp Fae of Swamp Mūšos tyrelis organises educations – hen nights, ceremonial baths in the Swamp Fae’s pond, offers exotic nights in her attic, and organises day camps for children in summer in the Swamp Man attic.

GPS:56.200505, 23.321848

Bičiušiai 1, Rudiškiai Municipality, Joniškis district

+370 682 30047

(Pre-registration is obligatory)