Joniškis synagogue complex



The centre of Joniškis is adorned with the sacred heritage of the large Jewish community that lived in Joniškis in the past – a complex of two 19th century brick synagogues. It consists of the White summer Synagogue with impressive late Classical and Romantic forms and the Red winter Synagogue of the historic period with Neogothic architectural elements. It is one of only a few unique synagogue complexes left in the country. Both buildings have been rebuilt and restored, and have, for some time now, become important cultural representative centres of the city. The Red Synagogue's unique interior has been restored and renovated, including the ceiling decorations, wall paintings, and the Aron Kodesh (Hebrew for ‘holy ark’), where the Torah scrolls are kept. The exposition History and Culture of the Jews of the Joniškis in the Synagogue gallery showcases unique ritual utensils and objects belonging to the Jews of Joniškis. The exhibit stands present the history of the Jewish community and the tragedy of the Holocaust. The exposition is equipped with a computer terminal with interactive content: video recordings of events held in the synagogue and a puzzle game about the interior of the Synagogue.
The White Synagogue houses an interactive exposition The Development of the History of the Town of Joniškis, imitating the historical buildings of the town, which can be explored on your own and you can discover the restored exhibits of the town's and the region's past (a collection of ceramics from the 17th to the 19th centuries, shoes from the 17th to the 18th centuries, tiles, ornaments, coins, and publications from the 19th to the early 20th century). An audiovisual projection on the wall of the Synagogue shows the historical development and change of Joniškis. The exposition is complemented by props hanging above the Synagogue's second-floor balcony, imitating the roofs and facades of historic buildings in Joniškis.
Both Synagogues host a wide range of cultural and artistic activities – exhibitions and conferences, concerts and festivals.
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