Swamp Mūšos tyrelis Trail


Swamp Mūšos tyrelis Trail

The unique nature corner that is Swamp Mūšos tyrelis has the famous longest 6.7 kilometre-long board path in the swamp that is included in Lithuania’s Book of Records. The circular route trail runs through a unique nature territory – Swamp Mūšos tyrelis Telmological Reserve. This exotic Lithuanian Semigallia’s nature complex consists of several types of swamps and wet forests. The rivers Mūša and Juodupis are flowing through the swamp, and there are many smaller lakes and the only natural lake in Joniškis – Miknaičiai, the image of which, not coincidentally, has graced the cover of a special edition of the National Geographic publication on Lithuania. The reserve is in the Europe-wide network of protected areas Natura 2000.
The info stands in Swamp Mūšos tyrelis’ Nature Trail tell visitors about the reserve and the peculiarities of its flora and fauna. There are interesting stops on the Nature Trail: the famous reconstructed oratory by Father Stanislovas, the Tyrelis Erratic Stone carved with mystic pagan drawings that mentions Semigallians, and the commemorative stone for the partisan camp that once stood there. Swamp Mūšos tyrelis can also be observed from the wooden observation tower at the beginning of the trail.
The Trail can be visited independently if you follow the rules. Suitable for people with movement impairments.

GPS: 56.219775, 23.262652

Joniškis district