Joniškis museum of history and culture



Joniškis Museum of History and Culture was opened in 1989. It displays ethnographic, archaeological, and sacral exhibits that represent the historic, archaeological, ethnic culture, folk art and sacral art heritage that is collected and stored in the Museum. In the Museum people can see the relics from the everyday life and soldiership of historic Semigallia, reconstructed archaeological Semigallian costumes, and the armour and armaments of the Livonian Order. Currently you can see these expositions in the Museum:
Joniškis Residents’ Business, Crafts and Trade from the 5th to the First Half of the 20th Century;
The History of Joniškis Deanery and the Values of the Sacral Heritage part 1;
The History of Joniškis Deanery and the Values of the Sacral Heritage; the Heritage of Cross Makers and God Makers (Lit. dievdirbiai) part 2;
•Archaeological exhibit;
•Ethnographic exhibit.
These departments belong to the Museum: Joniškis Red and White Synagogue Complex, folklorist Matas Slančiauskas’ Homestead-Museum in Reibiniai Village, Rūdiškių Museum and Žagarė department in the Tudor style chapel building. 
The Museum and its departments host annual exhibitions showcasing the work of folk craftsmen, artisans and artists, as well as active educational activities. The Museum hosts excursions, events and exhibitions for famous people and historic events, conferences and lectures, traditional Christmas fairs and Amatų diena (Craft day).

GPS: 56.239176, 23.614544

6 Vilniaus St, Joniškis