“House of dolls” and Factory of scarecrows



Since 2012 a doll museum-educational space Lėlių namai has been open in Žagarė. It was created by Aušra Petrauskienė, a member of the Lithuanian Folk Art Union and master of traditional toy-making crafts, who also does educational creative doll activities. The doll museum exhibits national, historical, souvenir, theatre and Christmas dolls, angels and other creations created by the folk artist, all with their own unique stories. Lėlių namai also houses a considerable collection of national dolls from all over the world. Most of them were collected by the folk artist herself, while others were gifted by buddies, friends, and family. Lėlių namai in Žagarė is home to Onytė and Jonelis, travelling dolls made by the folk artist and dressed in traditional Lithuanian costumes, who have already visited more than thirty countries worldwide. Everyone can take them with them and take a picture wherever these exotic dolls are travelling.
Folk artist A. Petrauskienė offers educational doll making activities on-demand. Visitors in the inspiring and cosy environment of the doll museum enrich their knowledge, create the doll of their choice as a keepsake, and experience the joy of creation.

Vilniaus g. 6, Žagarė

GPS: 56.360595, 23.255237

+370 612 85 668 (Reservation required)