“House of dolls” and Factory of scarecrows




In the “House of Dolls” you will see a collection of historical dolls and hear an interesting story about their creation. Also, you will be able to take a look into the collection of national dolls of the world, Lithuanian and Semigallian national doll exhibitions, theatre dolls. You will have the opportunity to watch a short film and use local mail where you will be offered a “House of Dolls” postcard to send to your friends. In the workshops you can create your own doll – a souvenir of a mythical creature. Don’t hesitate to listen to interesting stories about the Raktuvė hill, the mountain of Žvelgaitis, the ancient gods, witches, their talismans and signs. Scarecrows are essential part of the Cherry Festival in Žagarė.There, on the bank of the Švėtė River, a homestead of folk artist Aušra Petrauskienė, is situated. The scarecrows have found a place to stay in a house called “The Factory of Scarecrows”. It is a fascinating kingdom of scarecrows, where different characters are created. Every year, at the beginning of July, everyone is invited to stay at “The Camp of Scarecrows” and make their own scarecrow.


“House of dolls”

Vilniaus g. 6, Žagarė

GPS: 56.360595, 23.255237


Factory of scarecrows

Švėtės g. 20, Žagarė

GPS: 56.36437, 23.259909


+370 612 85 668 (Reservation required)