Žagarė Manor and Park. Expositions of Žagarė Regional Park Visitor Centre



Žagarė Manor and Park. Expositions of Žagarė Regional Park Visitor Centre

Žagarė Manor is one of the biggest manors in Lithuania, where not only is the central manor still standing, but the English Tudor style farm buildings and living quarters are also intact. An important part of the Manor is the Park, designed by the famous landscape architect G.F.F. Kuphaldt. Žagarė Regional Park Visitor Centre situated within Žagarė Manor invites everyone to get to know the history of Žagarė and its region, and the nature heritage by visiting several different expositions. Inside the Manor, people can see an impressive collection of hunting trophies. The more interesting trophies really catch peoples’ attention, like elephant tusks, the leopard and buffalo of the Big Five Game, as well as the hunting trophy collection of Dr Viktoras Zažeckis that is enriched by animal and bird sound effects. The exposition Žagarė Region History of old items is also interesting as there are 2,000 various antiques from the 19th-20th century, which were collected in Žagarė and its region, and a video installation that introduces people to the old crafts characteristic to Žagarė. Many will be interested in the interactive exhibit Dolomite Secrets, leading people through the 10 Manor rooms and presenting the values and uniqueness of Žagarė Regional Park. One of the rooms even smells like cherries. The newest exposition is dedicated to Žagarė Manor Park and the architect who created it – G.F.F. Kuphaldt. One part of it is an interactive game Kuphaldt Park where visitors can create their own 3D Žagarė Manor Park view and see how it would look in the future. One of the new exhibit rooms is built like the office of G.F.F Kuphaldt, where with the aid of headphones people can listen to the architect’s story of his life and works. A special visitor attraction is the virtual reality headset that not only offers people a view into the Manor’s life, but also to play games. The virtual reality game Escape from Žagarė Manor lets people get into the shoes of the old manor master Naryškinas spirit and follow the clues in the Manor rooms to find the way to the Manor tower. Inside the Manor attic people will be surprised by the huge monitor with shadows of animals that imitate movement. In the Manor library the video installation will tell you about the most beautiful sights of interest in Žagarė Regional Park, the biodiversity and the upheld traditions. Stationary binoculars with a virtual reality function stand in the Manor terrace, where you can see the whole Manor’s life. And let’s not forget the nostalgic moment when a gramophone starts playing or maestro Vaclovas Daunoras plays the piano and his songs start...

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1 Malūno St, Žagarė, Joniškis district

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