Žagarė Ridge Nature Trail


Žagarė Ridge Nature  Trail

The Žagarė Ridge is a sand and gravel line of earth formed by glaciers, considered one of the longest ridges in the Baltics. It’s length in Lithuania is 17 km and the rest of it runs through Latvia. Since 1964 the 830 metre stretch of the ridge on both sides of the Žvelgaitis Mound has been declared as a geological nature monument.
The Route of the 5 km long Nature Trail of Žagarė ridge is circular, except for the part that leads from Lake Žvelgaitis to the Mound (Žvelgaitis Hill). There are information stands along the Trail. On the trail part to Meilė (Love) Island a wooden floating bridge has been built. The Trail is marked with white arrows on a green background. You can also see the markings on the trees while walking along the lake anti-clockwise; 4 wooden arrows are also displayed. The trail part from Lake Žvelgaičiai to the Mound is not marked. On one of the Žagarė ridge hills is an observation platform in the shape of a cobweb, and an observation tower stands on the northern side of the lake. Around Lake Žvelgaičiai and the quarries, there are modern holiday resorts with a wide range of visitor facilities and a number of beaches. Due to the stairs and narrow paths along the Trail, it is not recommended for people with disabilities or strollers (except for the section of the trail along the southeastern shore of the lake that follows the road). Visiting the nature trail takes 2-3 hours.

GPS:56.353524, 23.223857

Žagarė, Joniškis district