Fresco of Historic Figures from Joniškis


Fresco of Historic Figures from Joniškis

In 2011, marking the important historical dates of Joniškis: the first mention in historical material and the foundation of Joniškis Parish in 475, the 395th anniversary of the old Joniškis self-government and the 110th anniversary of the foundation of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Joniškis, in the centre of the town, on the historic Upytė Street, a historical fresco was painted on the wall of the building next to the Red and White Synagogue Complex.

The Fresco depicts three important figures in the history of Joniškis: Prince Nameisis of Semigallia, Bishop Jonas of Vilnius of the Dukes of Lithuania, and the King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III Vasa. The fresco reflects the genesis of the history of the area and the town of Joniškis: from the beginning of its history as a town of Christian civilisation to the granting of the rights and privileges of the Magdeburgs – self-government. The project was implemented by Joniškis Cultural Centre, and the Fresco was created by a Monumental artist Andrius Naraškevičius from Vilnius.

GPS:56.240626, 23.617095

7-9 Upytės St, Joniškis