Žvelgaitis Hill (Žagarė I Mound)


Žvelgaitis Hill (Žagarė I Mound)

One of the most prominent stops of the Žagarė Nature Trail is Žvelgaitis Hill (Žagarė I Mound) – a national monument of archaeology, mythology and landscape (No. 23857). According to the popular local myth, the castle of the Lithuanian Duke Žvelgaitis stood on this mound in the 13th century. However, historical sources indicate that a Semigallian tribe lived here at that time, and Žvelgaitis, who clashed with them, died here. According to archaeologists, in the late 13th to 15th centuries this place may have been the site of a wooden castle of the Archbishop of Riga, and later of the Livonian Order. In the 16th to 18th centuries, the Mound was where the Old Žagarė Manor stood, which belonged to the noblemen Sirevičius and Umiastovskis.

P. Cvirkos g., Žagarė